One of my 2020 intentions was to start really getting to know where I live better, to “adventure local” in West Bletchley and greater Milton Keynes. It feels almost like a cruel joke that pandemic lockdowns happened and forced me to live by my adventure local resolution! But it’s also been a blessing. I’ve gotten to explore so much more of the area than I would have otherwise! Most of April and May weekends were spoken for by the end of January, with us planning to visit friends or family in a different city every weekend. It would’ve been a blast, but I can’t say I’m not enjoying feeling refreshed at the end of the weekend either.

The end of May officially marked my 3 year anniversary of living in Milton Keynes. And we’ve been living in West Bletchley for 2 years now too! In that time I definitely haven’t explored as much of the city as I’d like. Between spending most weekends with friends in the various pubs of Newport Pagnell when we still lived there, not having a car until last year, and…life getting in the way, we just never made the time. But we’ve got nothing but time now, and we are making the most of it!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know our local area so much better over the last few years. We’ve ambled through verdant parks, strolled along historic high streets, indulged in delicious takeaways, and sampled more than our fair share of drinks. But what good is gaining this local knowledge if I don’t share it? So here’s a little guide to my favourite places in and around West Bletchley that are only a walk or short cycle away!

Nature Walks:

Milton Keynes gets a bad rap for a lot, but one thing it doesn’t get enough credit for is all the lovely nature parks you can find tucked away just off the nearest roundabout. And West Bletchley is absolutely surrounded by them. In fact, 3 parks on my list are so well connected by paved paths and greenery that it’s hard to tell where one stops and and the next begins!

Here are our favourite nature parks, in order of distance from our old rental near the H8 Standing Way border of West Bletchley.

27.05.20 – Furzton Lake
14.06.20 – Blue Lagoon
26.04.20 – Howe Park Wood
25.05.20 – Waterhall Park

Town Life:

When people hear “Bletchley” they more often than not think of Bletchley Park. But Bletchley town life has more than just Bletchley Park going for it! Despite only being a few short miles from Milton Keynes city centre, it has a lovely high street. And only a little bit further along, in Fenny Stratford, is the best club in town!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the accessibility of these sites is a bit hit and miss currently. But do give them a visit once lockdown eases!

18.06.18 – Bletchley Park Mansion
22.12.18 – Bletchley High Street
An brick storefront with a flowerbed of small purple flowers in front and a carved wooden sign saying Molly's Pantry halfway up the wall
03.10.20 – The storefront of Molly’s Pantry
21.09.19 – Pink Punters Pink Room


One of the best bits of my “Adventure Local: West Bletchley” initiative has definitely been trying all the independent restaurants! In no particular order, these are our favourite restaurants and takeaways we’ve found around West Bletchley.

A medium pizza with a fully crust topped with grilled zuchinni and peppers, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, and plenty of vegan cheese
18.09.20 – The Freegan Vegan with added pepperoni from The Greedy Pizza
Half a baguette filled with crispy tofu, lots of pickled veg, and several sauces
01.10.20 – A crispy tofu bahn mi at Cafe Sen
12.06.20 – Prawn Crackers, Beef Ho Fun, Mixed Veg in Black Bean Sauce, Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style, Crispy Chicken Wings, and Special Fried Rice from The Good Friend
A super cheesy garlic bread pizza with a perfectly browned crust topped with fresh parsley
18.09.20 – Vegan cheesy garlic pizza bread from The Greedy Pizza
23.03.19 – Steak dinner at The Three Trees
29.05.20 – Vegan Brunch in a Box for 2 from Sweet ‘n’ Seasoned


It’s tough to find a truly independent pub these days, and you’re certainly not spoilt for choice on pubs in West Bletchley. But after several years of tough work, we’ve narrowed our favourites down to the following:

05.01.20 – Some finished drinks (a G&T for me, an ale for Ben) at the Eight Belles
19.01.20 – A lovely G&T at the Prince George

I hope you have as much fun “adventuring local” in West Bletchley as I have! Am I missing anywhere on my lists? Let me know about your favourite Adventure Local: West Bletchley finds!

Note: This piece was originally posted in June 2020. I updated it in February 2021 with some new photos and places to visit!

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