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28.12.22 - A bite of chickpeas and paratha in front of our Punjabi breakfast spread

January 19, 2023

Dairy Free Punjabi Breakfast at Namji MK AD PR Meal – My experience at Namji MK was complimentary A few weeks ago I was invited to try Namji MK‘s dairy free Punjabi breakfast items at their beautiful restaurant in the Xscape in Milton Keynes. Namji is one of MK’s favorite Indian restaurants, and is well-known in the local vegan community for offering a large range of dietary friendly options.…

13.02.22 - The Game Changer Kitchen's vegan Biscoff pancakes

March 1, 2022

The Best Dairy Free Pancakes in Milton Keynes It should come as no surprise but I love brunch. Eggs are one of my favorite foods, avocado toast is delicious, and I’ll take any excuse to eat potatoes for breakfast! But much as I love savory brunch staples, sometimes you just really need a sweet, indulgent breakfast. In those times, pancakes are the way to go! So I’m always…

31.10.21 – Purezza’s vegan pesto pizza on a hemp base

February 6, 2022

My Top Dairy Free Pizzas One of the hardest things about going dairy free, or even vegan, is giving up cheese. I had to do it for health reasons but that didn’t make cutting it out of my diet any easier! Luckily, food scientists have been working overtime the last few years and there are now loads of decent, accessible vegan cheeses on the market. And you know…

01.05.21 - Harissa Marinated Vegan Lamb Skewers with mint sour crean

January 19, 2022

My Top Vegan Eats in Milton Keynes This is my second year of doing Veganuary and I am loving it! I always feel so much more creative in the kitchen, and love trying new veg-forward recipes throughout the month. But sometimes you just want someone to cook dinner or make sweet treats for you, don’t you? That’s where this guide to my favorite vegan eats in Milton Keynes comes in…

17.04.21 - One of four Newport Pagnell signs that welcome you to the town. This one highlights Aston Martin

May 7, 2021

I have called Newport Pagnell my home off and on since 2017. Ben was born and raised here, and we’ve lived with his parents several times when figuring out our own housing situation. Between living and visiting here regularly over the last few years, I like to think I’ve gotten to know the town pretty well. So here’s a guide to my favorite nature walks, town life highlights,…


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