My Top Dairy Free Pizzas

One of the hardest things about going dairy free, or even vegan, is giving up cheese. I had to do it for health reasons but that didn’t make cutting it out of my diet any easier! Luckily, food scientists have been working overtime the last few years and there are now loads of decent, accessible vegan cheeses on the market. And you know what that means? Loads of decent, accessible “cheesy” pizzas! So, to celebrate National Pizza Day I decided to start compiling a list of my top dairy free pizzas.


I’ve arranged these pizzas alphabetically and not by rating because they all land on my top tier.

The Greedy Pizza (Bletchley, MK)

It’s no wonder The Greedy Pizza is regularly the top suggestion for anyone searching for vegan-friendly pizza in Milton Keynes. I don’t know how they do it, but they definitely make one of the best dairy free pizzas in town. The cheese they use is so good I compare literally every other vegan cheese pizza to Greedy’s. And while many others are very strong contenders, they nearly always come up short.
Greedy pizzas are “fast food” style pizzas with thicker, fluffy crusts. Not unlike what you’d get from the major delivery chains, but so much tastier and fresher! They have one dedicated vegan pizza on the menu, but are happy to swap out the dairy cheese for vegan on any of their pizzas. You can even make the cheesy garlic bread pizza vegan. Talk about ooey gooey cheesy garlicky bready perfection!

07.05.20 - An An XL “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot” with vegan cheese from The Greedy Pizza
A super cheesy garlic bread pizza with a perfectly browned crust topped with fresh parsley
18.09.20 - Vegan cheesy garlic bread from The Greedy Pizza
A medium pizza with a fully crust topped with grilled zuchinni and peppers, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, and plenty of vegan cheese
18.09.20 - The Freegan Vegan with added pepperoni from The Greedy Pizza


Growing up, we would regularly have Make Your Own pizza nights at home. It was a fun family activity, cheaper than ordering chain delivery pizzas, and so delicious! Plus, everyone gets to have exactly the toppings they want so no grumbling from us kiddos.
I have kept up the tradition into adulthood and it’s been absolutely delightful. I love getting creative with toppings! Homemade cashew “cheese”, roasted grapes, anchovies – the world is my oyster! And to get your homemade pizza as cheesy as any restaurant’s? I really like Sheese mozzarella style, but any block of vegan cheese you can get in your supermarket will work grated on top and baked as normal.

A rustic looking oblong pizza on a wooden cutting board with a beer and another pizza in the background
23.07.21 – One of the many dairy free pizzas I’ve made

Murati's Pizzeria (various locations, MK)

Italian restaurants are rarely, if ever, my first choice for a meal out. Between all the mozzarella and parmigiano, there’s just too much sneaky dairy to maneuver around! But Murati’s Pizzeria, Milton Keynes’ local independent Italian chain, is a different kind of Italian restaurant.
Murati’s have an entire vegan menu, nice vegan cheese for their pizzas, and will happily make anything they can dairy free if you ask nicely! Several of their pizzas even come cheese-less. The cheese-free seafood pizza is delicious, creative, and one of my favorite things on their menu!
Their pizzas have really flavorful, chewy, crispy crusts and are baked in a gorgeous traditional pizza oven. You can usually order them to takeaway when the restaurant isn’t too busy, but it is definitely worth booking a table to get your pizza hot and fresh. Enjoy the ambiance, and maybe even a cocktail or two!
A round pizza with some charred crust topped with red sauce, bits of calamari, and a vibrant pile of arugula
07.07.18 - Murati's Seafood Pizza which comes cheese-less as standard

Purezza (various locations, UK)

Founded in 2015, Purezza is the UK’s first vegan pizzeria. After visiting the Bristol outpost, it’s not hard to understand how they’ve opened 4 restaurants in less than 7 years. Purezza proves dairy and meat aren’t always necessary by making some of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. And I’ve been to Italy!
We had the one with the pesto on a hemp base, the meat fest special on a sourdough base, and a spicy maple dipping sauce. Everything was delicious, and perfect for anyone eating dairy free because you can order anything on the menu without risk of cross contamination or having to make loads of special requests! Their meat alternatives are really impressive, the crusts are chewy and tasty, and the wood-fired oven baking takes the flavors to the next level.

A round pizza with a green sauce and lots of grilled veg, topped with a drizzle of balsamic glaze
31.10.21 – Purezza’s vegan pesto pizza on a hemp base
A round pizza with a puffy crust topped with a lot of vegan meat and some fresh parsley
31.10.21 – Purezza’s vegan meat feast special

The Takeaway

This list is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to keep adding to it as I find new delicious dairy free pizzas! Have you tried any of my top dairy free pizzas yet? I’d love to hear what you think. Happy National Pizza Day, and happy dairy free pizza eating!

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