A closeup of a hand holding chickpeas in a piece of paratha with a table full of traditional Indian breakfast treats in the background

Dairy Free Punjabi Breakfast at Namji MK

AD PR Meal – My experience at Namji MK was complimentary

A few weeks ago I was invited to try Namji MK‘s dairy free Punjabi breakfast items at their beautiful restaurant in the Xscape in Milton Keynes. Namji is one of MK’s favorite Indian restaurants, and is well-known in the local vegan community for offering a large range of dietary friendly options. So when founder and Curry Queen Naseem invited me to come review her Punjabi breakfast menu I jumped at the chance! I’d never had a Punjabi breakfast before, and this was the perfect opportunity to find out what dairy free options were available for me to try.

Read this blog post to learn all about Namji MK’s dairy free Punjabi breakfast offerings, and discover why you should add it to your Milton Keynes brunch hit list!

A richly dressed entrance to the restaurant with a traditional cart covered in flowery garlands and a feature wall with a neon light that say "good food and great vibes"
28.12.22 - Namji MK's sumptuous interiors
Old school milkshake glasses filled with bright orange juice and yellow lassi
28.12.22 - Carrot orange juice and mango lassi

To Start

When we arrived we were seated straightaway in one of their lush, jewel toned booths. At first the table seemed a bit large for just Ben and I, but it was the perfect size to hold the spread of food they ended up bringing out for us to try! We were walked through the menu and the server was well-versed on which items contained dairy and which ones were fine for me to eat. 

There are no dietary labels on the breakfast menu so here’s a list of what I could have:

Ben was offered a mango lassi, but as they are made with yogurt I unfortunately could not try one. He loved it though! Instead, I had their orange carrot juice which was fresh and delicious.

A table full of traditional Indian breakfast treats including parathas and chickpeas in a copper
28.12.22 - A Punjabi breakfast spread
A blue plate with a pile of saucy chickpeas, turmeric potatoes, and two torn pieces of different parathas
28.12.22 - A plate full of chole, aloo, and parathas

The Main Event

My dairy free Punjabi breakfast began halwa puri with chole and aloo, aloo stuffed paratha, egg stuffed paratha, and some bhature. Of that the chole, aloo, aloo paratha, and egg paratha were dairy free. I wish I could have tried to fluffy breads (puri and bhature) because they looked so lovely! But everything I could eat was absolutely delicious. 

I would never have thought to have saucy, curried chickpeas and golden turmeric potatoes for breakfast but I loved it! And the parathas were perfect for scooping it all up. The aloo paratha was soft, spiced, and flexible, while the egg paratha was crispy with a nicely chewy layer of scrambled egg in the middle. In fact, not only was my Punjabi breakfast at Namji MK dairy free, everything except the aloo paratha was vegan as well.

The aloo was Ben’s favorite of the curried veg, but I loved the chole so much I got a second helping! This gave me a chance to try a plain paratha too, which was delightfully flaky and perfect with the saucy chickpeas. And to finish this dairy free Punjabi breakfast spread we had some tea. Unfortunately, there was no dairy free alternative for Namji’s masala chai so Ben had a pot of that while I had my own pot of fresh mint tea. It might not have been chai, but it was pleasantly refreshing after such a feast!

A blue square plate with a crispy plain paratha and a small blue rectangular bowl full of saucy chickpeas
28.12.22 - Chole (chickpeas) and a plain paratha
A blue ceramic teapot full of fresh mint and with a matching teacup and saucer
28.12.22 - A pot of mint tea to finish off the meal

The Takeaway

All in all, we had a lovely time trying a traditional Punjabi breakfast at Namji MK! It’s no wonder Naseem has been crowned Curry Queen – the flavors were spot on, and the crispy parathas were the perfect accompaniment to beautifully spiced veg. I was a little disappointed there were so few dairy free breakfast items I could try, especially at a restaurant known for being so accommodating to dietary requirements with their main menu. But what I did try was gorgeous and I’d happily return for a fun take on the usual catch-up brunch with the gals.

Namji MK’s breakfast runs Monday-Saturday 10am-12pm and Sunday 9am-1pm. They’re very busy on the weekends so recommend booking a table Saturday and Sunday. So what do you think, would you try a dairy free Punjabi breakfast at Namji MK?

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