My Top Vegan Eats in Milton Keynes

This is my second year of doing Veganuary and I am loving it! I always feel so much more creative in the kitchen, and love trying new veg-forward recipes throughout the month. But sometimes you just want someone to cook dinner or make sweet treats for you, don’t you? That’s where this guide to my favorite vegan eats in Milton Keynes comes in handy! After extensive (though not exhaustive) research into the MK vegan food scene, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite vegan-friendly breakfast & brunch, lunch & dinner, and dessert & treat vendors around town.


So whether you’re vegan, dairy free, or just veeg-curious I hope this guide helps you find a new favorite vegan treat. Happy vegan eating!

Vegan Eats in MK

  • French Affaire
  • Out of Office Coffee, Witan Studios
  • The Quirk Space
  • A Vegetative State
  • The Chester Arms
  • Greedy Pizza
  • Ole Tapas Bar
  • Saf’s Kitchen
  • Walnut Tree Fish & Chips
  • Clare’s Vegan Cakery
  • Fuuudge
  • Nutmeg Kitchen

My first experience of vegan treats from The Quirk Space was summer 2020. My in-laws surprised Ben and I with a delivery of sausage rolls, peanut butter cups, and brownies for our anniversary! Every piece was absolutely delicious. The sausage rolls are now a family favorite, I always love a dark chocolate peanut butter cup, and the brownies are some of the best I’ve had. 

2 flaky sausage rolls, 4 peanut butter cups, and 2 brownies in a cardboard box
19.06.20 - Sausage rolls, peanut butter cups, and chocolate brownies from The Quirk Space
A brown cardboard box topped with a black and white striped paper bag and tied up with black and white string
29.08.20 - A delivery of freshly baked croissants from The Quirk Space

Breakfast & Brunch

French Affaire

I love visiting French Affaire for a fancy brunch out with my husband or the girls! It is an adorable French bistro that offers several delicious vegan items on their brunch menu including crepes and baguettes. I’ll confess I have yet to try their baguettes. The crepes are just too good! While the only savory crepe on French Affaire’s menu is Falafel, they were more than happy to make Le Chevre vegan for me. Both Falafel and Le Chevre are stuffed with so much flavor I never feel like I’m missing out.


Just make sure you save room for a sweet crepe. The Apple Tatin Flambee is a showstopper! It is filled with caramelly soft apples, and flambeed in Calvados as they place it on the table in front of you.


Location: Stony Stratford


Dietaries: Some vegan items on the daytime menu, none on their evening menu

A large savoury stuffed vegan crepe with a drizzle of balsamic glaze with a small tomato half on top and cups of coffee behind
10.07.21 - Falafel vegan quiche at French Affaire

Out of Office Coffee, Witan Studios

Fluffy American pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods, second only to waffles. Leslie Knope definitely had the right idea! And lucky for me (and you!) the newest Out of Office Coffee location in MK has delicious vegan pancakes on their all day brunch menu. The fluffy stack of pancakes come topped with yogurt, berries, and granola, making a perfect sweet vegan brunch option. Though if you’d rather start your day with something savory, Out of Office also offer a tasty-looking tofu scramble on sourdough toast.


Location: Central Milton Keynes


Dietaries: A range of vegan and gluten free items to choose from

Fluffy American pancakes topped with yogurt, granola, and berries with a coffee smoothie in the background
29.05.21 - Vegan pancakes at Out of Office Coffee Witan Gate

Out of Office Coffee, Witan Studios

Fluffy American pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods, second only to waffles. Leslie Knope definitely had the right idea! And lucky for me (and you!) the newest Out of Office Coffee location in MK has delicious vegan pancakes on their all day brunch menu. The fluffy stack of pancakes come topped with yogurt, berries, and granola, making a perfect sweet vegan brunch option. Though if you’d rather start your day with something savory, Out of Office also offer a tasty-looking tofu scramble on sourdough toast.


Location: Central Milton Keynes


Dietaries: A range of vegan and gluten free items to choose from

Four chocolatey treats on a plaid sheet of paper in a cardboard box. Clockwise from top left: Boost Bar, Toasted coconut slice with dark chocolate, Brownie Bar, and a raw hazelnut praline brownie
05.11.20 - An assortment of chocolatey treats from The Quirk Space
A juicy vegan sausage roll with crispy pastry laying on a small flowery side plate
12.11.20 - A vegan sausage roll from The Quirk Space

The Quirk Space

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll be very aware of my love for The Quirk Space. It’s a cute cafe, shop, and event space in the heart of Olney. It is also the only place that serves nothing but vegan eats in Milton Keynes!



For a light breakfast, The Quirk Space offers great coffee, a variety of vegan milks, and cakes and pastries to takeaway. I highly recommend the croissants! But perhaps the real star of the breakfast show is their “Breakfast Stuff-in Muffin”. The sandwich is stuffed full of the tastiest vegan alternatives to your favourite breakfast sammie fillings. Bacon, sausage, egg, and cheese – all delicious and all plant-based. You can also add ketchup or brown sauce if you like, but it’s perfectly tasty on its own!





Location: Olney





Dietaries: All vegan, can cater to gluten free

A vegan sausage, egg, and cheese muffin sandwich with a small pot of ketchup
17.07.21 - The Quirk Space's Breakfast Stuff-in Muffin

Lunch & Dinner

A Vegetative State

A Vegetative State is a firm favorite at Milton Keynes vegan events and street fairs, and it’s not hard to see why! They make their own seitan-based meat alternatives to serve up in a variety of deli sandwiches and burgers.

If you’re a fan of New York style deli sandwiches, you need to try A Vegetative State’s famous Reuben sandwich! Multigrain bread is stuffed full of vegan pastrami, sauerkraut, Violife cheezy slices, and Thousand Island Dressing, griddled til toasty and melty, then topped with a pickle. It is absolutely delicious and tastes so similar to the “real deal”. As a lover of Reubens I’d prefer more traditional rye bread, but this is a great swap!


Location: Local street food events – follow their socials for the latest popup at a local street fair or takeaway event


Dietaries: All vegan

A closeup on a stacked deli sandwich with a pickle speared through the top
05.12.21 - A Vegetative State's vegan Reuben sandwich

The Chester Arms

The Chester Arms has one of the most inclusive menus in Milton Keynes. They cater to all dietary requirements, label major allergens on all their menus, provide separate vegan and gluten free menus, and will happily modify meals too.

One sunny day in 2021, we visited the Chester Arms with friends to try the summer vegan menu! Our favorite items were the fish & chips and the lamb skewers. The vegan “cod” tempura was one of the best fish alternatives I’ve had yet, and the lamb kebabs were unreal! Definitely the place to go for a pub meal out with people that follow all sorts of diets.


Location: Chicheley


Dietaries: Cater to vegan, gluten free, and dairy free diets

Two chargrilled skewers of vegan lamb piled on a bed of salad with minted sour cream drizzled all over
01.05.21 - Harissa Marinated Vegan Lamb Skewers with mint sour crean
A pile of fries with a chicken burger sat behind
01.05.21 - Peri Peri Vegan 'Chicken' Seitan Burger with salad and fries from The Chester Arms
A crispy, golden triangle of fried vegan fish on a pile of chips with a side of peas and tartare sauce in a white ramekin
01.05.21 - Vegan 'Cod' Tempura, chips, peas & tartare sauce from The Chester Arms
Two crispy reddish brown balls on a bed of salad with a white ramekin of yellow sauce
01.05.21 - Roasted sweet potato croquettes & red Thair coconut dipping sauce from The Chester Arms

The Greedy Pizza

I don’t know how they do it, but the best vegan pizza in Milton Keynes is definitely from The Greedy Pizza in Bletchley! To the point where we compare literally every other pizza with vegan cheese to the ones we’ve had from Greedy, and the others always come out lacking.

I highly recommend trying their cheesy garlic bread pizza, which can easily be made vegan-friendly with their incredible vegan cheese. And yes, it is just as ooey gooey cheesy garlicky delicious as it looks! If you want to see another money shot of one of their other pizzas (the Freegan Vegan with pepperoni and without mushrooms), my Adventure Local: West Bletchley guide has the low down!

Location: Bletchley, for delivery and takeaway

Dietaries: Plenty of vegan options, not gluten-free friendly

A super cheesy garlic bread pizza with a perfectly browned crust topped with fresh parsley

18.09.20 – Vegan cheesy garlic bread from The Greedy Pizza

Olé Tapas Bar

Not only is it one of the best restaurants in town, Olé Tapas Bar is also one of the best restaurants to find a wide variety of vegan eats in Milton Keynes. Everything I’ve ever had from Olé has been delicious, but one of my favorite vegan menu item are the berenga frita (fried aubergine spears) and agave syrup. They are a perfect balance between crispy and fluffy – almost like a slightly savory doughnut.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’re looking for a delicious meal friendly to any sort of dietary requirement, you will never go wrong with Olé TapasI It really does have one of the best vegan menus in MK.

Location: Wolverton

Dietaries: Plenty of vegan and gluten free items (and a dedicated GF fryer)

A metal basket holding some fried spears and a bit of watercress draped over it

26.09.20 – Berenga frita at Olé Tapas Bar

4 spears of white asparagus on a blue oval place drizzled with chimichurri

26.09.20 – White asparagus at Olé Tapas Bar

A traditional red terracotta tapas bowl filled to the brim with fresh green olives

26.09.20 – Olives at Olé Tapas Bar

A yellow rectangular plate with 6 slices of crusty bread and a small pot of tomato sauce

26.09.20 – Bread and tumaca at Olé Tapas Bar

Saf’s Kitchen

Saf’s Kitchen is one of the preeminent street food vendors in Milton Keynes for very good reason. Her food is vibrant and inspired, and always delicious. You can find Saf at local street food fairs, running pop up restaurants around MK, or even running takeaway curry nights from her home in Wolverton. And there are always multiple vegan items on her menus!

While I’ve had Saf’s food a few times now, I think my favorite meal by her was at Sophie’s Supper Club in August 2021. Together, Saf and Sophie put on a Punjabi Street Food Feast! I had the vegan option, as I often eat vegan at restaurants to easily avoid dairy. To start, I had chickpea stuffed pani puri and Punjabi style fish (banana blossom) and peas. The main was a full thali spread (not pictured), and dessert was both pistachio kulfi AND tiffin. Everything was incredible, and Saf is so generous with her portions I had to save the tiffin to eat the next day!

Location: Wolverton, and various street food events – keep an eye on their socials!

Dietaries: Will gladly cater to any dietary requirement, always several dedicated vegan and gluten free items on her menus

Three small banana blossoms fried crispy and golden on a bed of mushy peas on a black plate

18.08.21 – “Fish” and peas from Saf’s Kitchen

A square of chocolate tiffin topped with pink rose petals and chopped pistachios on a pink plate with a glass of chai in the background

18.08.21 – Chocolate tiffin from Saf’s Kitchen

A pink plate with 4 small crispy puffed cups holding chickpeas, bombay mix, and pomegranate seeds

18.08.21 – Pani puri from Saf’s Kitchen

A small jar of vegan pistachio kulfi topped with ground pistachios and with Saf's Kitchen logo stuck to the front

18.08.21 – Pistachio kulfi from Saf’s Kitchen

Walnut Tree Fish & Chips

If you find yourself craving a vegan alternative to the classic British meal of fish & chips, you’ss want to give Walnut Tree Fish & Chips a go. Originally, I tried Walnut Tree for my feature in Sophie Etc’s MK vegan eats guide (go give it a read if you haven’t yet!). I loved everything so much we went back only a few weeks later for another chippy dinner!

Not sure where to start with the vegan options? The celeriac bites and artichoke hearts are my favourites, and if you like mushy peas the pea fritters is a must! Also, the chips come in biiiig portions so a medium will do for 2 and then some.

Location: Walnut Tree

Dietaries: Cater to vegans and gluten free – Rachel of The Sightseeing Coeliac recommends it in her Gluten Free in Milton Keynes guide

Golden, crispy, fried banana blossom and parsnips with mushy peas, chips, and curry sauce on a white plate

13.11.20 – A vegan chippy dinner from Walnut Tree Fish & Chips

Dessert & Treats

Clare’s Vegan Cakery

Clare’s Vegan Cakery is the best vegan bakery in Milton Keynes. If it’s cupcakes, brownies, or celebration cakes you want she is the one to contact. Her most popular bake is a three layer Biscoff cake, and after just one bite of it you know the hype is real! I love her cakes so much I’ve even ordered my birthday cake for this year from Clare!

Location: Clare occasionally stocks local shops and cafes, and will pop up at events around Milton Keynes. She also offers orders for collection or delivery.

Dietaries: All vegan, can accommodate gluten free (check first if coeliac and not just intolerant)

A 3 layer slice of biscoff cake on a bright blue plate

20.11.20 – A slice of Clare’s Vegan Cakery’s mocha drip cake cake


Fuuudge is filling a severely underserved market in Milton Keynes – vegan fudge! Their stuff is honestly the real deal.

I have tried the vanilla & oat, chocolate orange, and clotted cream bars and they were all so delicious! And just what I remember fudge tasting like. Vanilla & oat reminded me of a super sweet and delicious oatmeal cookie, and clotted cream was the most creamy vanilla fudge I’ve ever had.

Location: You can find Fuuudge stocked at cafes and shops all over MK. The MK stockists I know of are Nothing Wasted (featured in my Adventure Local: West Bletchley guide), Bar Bar Black Sheep, and Molly’s Pantry! You can also regularly find them at vegan fairs in the area.

Dietaries: All vegan, some gluten free options

A light brown rectangle of fudge with creamy swirls being held up in from of a colorful garden

17.04.21 – Vanilla Oat vegan fudge from Fuuudge

Nutmeg Kitchen

Nutmeg Kitchen makes vegan and vegetarian Indian food for takeaway and have a regular stall at the Woburn Sands Community Market. You can get curries and chutneys to have later, but I always go for a samosa and eat it right on the spot. With some tamarind chutney of course!

I have had a lot of samosas in my lifetime, and Nutmeg Kitchen’s are some of the best. They remind me of the ones I grew up eating at my Indian friends houses! When we last visited their stall we also got a spinach potato pakora, which was just as tasty. They are the perfect treats to round out a lovely Saturday morning spent at the market.

Location: Woburn Sands Community Market, every 2nd Saturday of the month 10am – 2pm

Dietaries: All vegetarian, mostly vegan

A hand holding up a golden samosa with a market in the background

11.10.21 – A veggie samosa from Nutmeg Kitchen

A hand holding up a spinach and potato pakora with a market in the background

11.10.21 – A spinach pakora from Nutmeg Kitchen

The Takeaway

Thanks for reading this guide to my favorite vegan eats in Milton Keynes! I hope it’s inspired you to try some delicious vegan food locally made in MK. Please do let me know if you try any of these places. And I’d love to know what your favorite vegan-friendly eats in this town are

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