The Best Dairy Free Pancakes in Milton Keynes

It should come as no surprise but I love brunch. Eggs are one of my favorite foods, avocado toast is delicious, and I’ll take any excuse to eat potatoes for breakfast! But much as I love savory brunch staples, sometimes you just really need a sweet, indulgent breakfast. In those times, pancakes are the way to go! So I’m always lowkey on the hunt for the best dairy free pancakes in Milton Keynes.

Unfortunately pancakes at cafes and restaurants are usually chock full of dairy. Made with milk, cooked in butter, and topped in whipped cream – a nightmare! But lucky for me, there are quite a few places in town that offer dairy free and vegan pancakes. And I’ve been trying them out to give you the lowdown!

French Affaire

I’ve been to French Affaire for brunch several times now and it’s no exaggeration when I say they make the best vegan crepes in town. They’re crispy and soft and just a bit chewy. And the fillings are so generous!

Falafel is the only savory crepe listed as vegan, but they’ve also made me a dairy free La Chevre with a cheese alternative. If you’re not vegan, they’ll happily add bacon or a poached egg to your dairy free crepe too.

It wouldn’t be a great brunch place if they didn’t have sweet crepes… And French Affaire have several vegan options! They’ve got your standard lemon and sugar or chocolate banana ones. But I highly recommend apple tarte tatin for a bit of drama!

A large savoury stuffed vegan crepe with a drizzle of balsamic glaze with a small tomato half on top and cups of coffee behind
10.07.21 - Falafel vegan quiche at French Affaire

The Game Changer Kitchen

What The Game Changer Kitchen lack in vegan brunch options, they make up for in serving some of the best dairy free pancakes I’ve ever had. I got a gigantic stack of Biscoff coated fluffy, American style pancakes. And to think – they were completely vegan!

The only vegan (and therefore dairy free) pancakes clearly marked on Game Changer Kitchen’s menu are the embodiment of over the top! I don’t want to think about how much Biscoff spread and cookie crumbles were included in this massive stack. They were so sweet and decadent! But absolutely paired perfect with a black Americano to balance it out. 

A stack of 3 fluffy American-style pancakes covered and dripping in melted Biscoff spread
13.02.22 - The Game Changer Kitchen's vegan Biscoff pancakes
A close up on a fork stuck through three fluffy pancakes
13.02.22 - A cross section of the vegan Biscoff pancakes at The Game Changer Kitchen

Olney Pancake Parlour

Olney Pancake Parlour definitely have the best range of dairy free and vegan pancakes in Milton Keynes. Six sweet vegan options and one savory, offered with both crepe and fluffy styles! And they were so helpful walking through the menu with me that I know making some of the other savory options dairy free by opting for vegan pancakes wouldn’t be an issue. You do have to specifically request your pancakes be made vegan though – that is not the default for any menu item.

I started brunch with Living Life on the Veg, which was filled with roast veg and hummus and topped with plenty of sweet chili sauce. I of course had to try one of their sweet ones too. Naughty Notella was rich and decadent, but the portion size was small enough I was able to finish it all. They even offered vegan ice cream to go with, which would have been lovely if it wasn’t such a cold day I had them on!

A stuffed crepe folded in a triangle with a drizzle of sweet chili sauce and salad and crisps in the background
26.02.22 - Olney Pancake Parlour's Living Life on the Veg vegan savory pancake
A stack of three fluffy pancakes covered in banana slices, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and oozing "nutella" out of each layer with vegan ice cream scoops in the background
26.02.22 - Olney Pancake Parlour's vegan Notella American style pancakes

Out of Office Coffee, Witan Gate

Fluffy American pancakes are up there as one of my favourite breakfast foods, second only to waffles – Leslie Knope definitely had the right idea! And Out of Office Coffee at Witan Gate offer a really nice vegan stack of fluffy pancakes on their all day brunch menu. They come topped with vegan yogurt, berries, & granola which makes a really nice alternative to the usual OTT, decadent toppings. The creamy yogurt and juicy berries work perfectly with crunchy granola to make a delicious brunch option if you like yours on the sweeter side.

Fluffy American pancakes topped with yogurt, granola, and berries with a coffee smoothie in the background
29.05.21 - Vegan pancakes at Out of Office Coffee Witan Gate

The Takeaway

There are some amazing dairy free and vegan friendly brunch places in Milton Keynes with delicious pancakes. These are my favorites, but let me know if I missed yours!

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