After a year of having French Affaire in Stony Stratford on my radar (thanks to a Sophie etc review I stumbled upon when trying to find a local restaurant for my birthday dinner) I finally managed to get there for brunch in January. Service was a bit slow, but with food that good it’s hard to fault them too much. And it made for a leisurely late breakfast catch-up with good friends as well.

I got an Americano to start. It was a bit bitter as I prefer to drink my coffee black if I can, but that was nothing a little Demerara sugar couldn’t fix. Of course, the real star of the show was the crepe, and what a star it was! Being extremely lactose intolerant, I’ve avoided them and their dairy-filled goodness in restaurants for years, and you just can’t make them the same at home. So it’s been awhile since I’ve had a crepe of any sort, but it was the best welcome back a girl could ask for.

19.01.20 – Americano
19.01.20 – Crepe Aux Legumes & a poached egg

I got the Crepe Aux Legumes with a poached egg and it was beyond delicious. The veg (peppers and mushrooms) were cooked perfectly, and the vegan cheese (Violife Greek style if my taste buds weren’t mistaken) was the perfect accompaniment – soft and creamy, a bit salty, the closest thing I’ve tasted to goats cheese in years. My egg was a bit more done than I usually like, but I love a very runny egg and this one was by no means hard so very much a middle of the road poached egg.

Between the food and the adorable design aspects, I’m so glad I’ve finally had a meal at French Affaire, and I can’t wait til the next time I get to go back! Their dinner menu is definitely high on my “to try” list.

19.01.20 – Posing with the vintage bike in French Affaire’s courtyard. So many little details like this bike make for an adorable setting in which to enjoy a tasty meal.

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