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29.08.20 - A delivery of freshly baked croissants from The Quirk Space

January 31, 2021

Vegan Treats at The Quirk Space As my first Veganuary comes to a close, I thought I’d highlight a local café that’s gotten us through the month with their vegan treats – The Quirk Space! A disclaimer: my in-laws are best friends with the owner’s parents so we order treats from The Quirk Space more frequently than we would otherwise! But we absolutely adore all the food she puts out.…

12.09.20 - My menu notated with everything I could eat

October 5, 2020

On our first holiday evening up North this September, Ben and I enjoyed a date night at The Moon Highgate in Kendal. As soon as we settled on spending part of our holiday in the Lake District, I got to work researching “Jessica-friendly” restaurants! After all, what’s holiday without lots of good food? We booked an Airbnb near Kendal, so I focused my efforts there. The Moon Highgate’s…

23.08.20 - Kermis Brune in its matching glass

August 28, 2020

Add Your Heading Text Here If you’re looking for a new place for casual drinks Cafe Belge can’t be beat. They had good beers, good coffee, and very good looking cakes and bacon baps. We visited for the first time this past Sunday, but we’ll be heading back soon to try the baps! It’s a relatively new cafe, having opened in February shortly before lockdown. They’ve been back…

Romantic Valentine’s Dinner at Sweet ‘N’ Seasoned

July 12, 2020

This year I was incredibly lucky to win a Valentine’s dinner at Sweet ‘N’ Seasoned through an Instagram giveaway. We have never been a couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this was too good to pass up! After enjoying a delicious vegan brunch there with my brunch gals last summer, I was looking forward to sharing the same with my husband. Sweet ‘N’ Seasoned is a waffle diner…

Easy & Indulgent Bacon Brie Spaghetti

May 28, 2020

Have you ever wondered what a cross between carbonara and mac ‘n’ cheese might taste like? No? Well, neither had I and yet somehow that’s just what the bacon brie spaghetti my husband and I ended up creating for our late May Bank Holiday Monday dinner tastes like. Ben decided to take lead on this meal, and after a full-on weekend of cooking I was more than happy…

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