We had our first Saf’s Kitchen takeaway earlier this year, and it surely won’t be the last! The food is delicious, ordering and pickup a breeze. I messaged Saf on Facebook with our order and paid via bank transfer earlier in the week. On the day of pickup, I called to let her know we were on our way. Upon arrival, we simply honked our car horn and announced our name outside her house. In no time, they delivered our bag of food through the passenger window!

We ordered the coconut cauliflower spinach, cinnamon cardamom pilau, chicken jalfrezi, a veggie samosa and (not pictured) poppadoms and chapatis. This was plenty for dinner and a light lunch the next day! An added bonus: virtually everything on Saf’s Kitchen curry dinner takeaway menu is freezable. I know some people order extra portions solely to freeze them for a future meal. I might just have to do that next time, because wow, what a powerhouse of a meal!

There was a nice sweetness in the cauliflower thanks to the coconut milk. The jalfrezi was beautifully spiced in a way that creeps up on you but didn’t overpower the other flavours. And the cinnamon pilau pulled them both together perfectly. In fact, the pilau was so delicious I’ve tried to recreate it several times myself!

27.03.20 – Top: Veggie Punjabi Samosa, Bottom from left: Coconut Cauliflower Spinach, Cinnamon Cardamom Pilau, Chicken Jalfrezi

But the main star for me was the samosa. It was big and crispy-soft the way the best ones always are. And Saf stuffs them to the gills with a delightful pillowy potato + veg + spices mix. It brought me back to my first experience of eating samosas at a friend’s house as a kid. They were so tasty I couldn’t stop stuffing my face with them, far past the point of being full. And if I had unlimited access to Safmosas, I wouldn’t be able to stop stuffing my face with them now either! So completely more-ish.

Saf’s Kitchen offers so many other takeaway options too! This meal is from her more “classic” Indian curry takeaway menu, but she rotates through several menus. These include Punjabi barbecue packs, street food, and Punjabi burgers, all of which look absolutely lush. And she always makes sure to have a variety of options that cater to every major dietary restrictions. That is another major plus in the this lactose intolerant girl’s book!

It’s become one of my (more attainable) missions in life to try everything I can on her various menus. But until then I guess I’ll have to sustain myself on dreaming about those samosas.

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